Thursday, 6 November 2014

With your Drum Solo..... You Rocked it Rob..!!


Well this is Linkin Park live at Rock am Ring..
Singing there very passionate song Bleed It Out..

But the spotlight here is their Drummer..

His Drum solo...  World Class..!!
Can't beat this..!

Even ROB BOURDON himself has declaimed that:

"At the end of the day, I became a better drummer".

You Яocked it Яob..!! 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Soothing song..

This has been a wonderful day so far.
Had a great time with friends. There laughs are still in my mind.

Am back home.
And for obvious reasons am late (again)..

Went directly to ma bedroom..
Did I tell you. ma bedroom is attached to balcony..
Aaahh well,
Too much tired..
just wanna grab a good sleep..

the HELL

Creepy Street Dogs..
Barking for no reason..

But I have the solution..
And Yu know that..


Ohh wow these soohing songs..
Listening to Oasis's Stop Crying Your Heart Out...

And here I go sleep..

See ya guys later..!!


Monday, 20 October 2014

Younger bro Begin to Rock \m/

Good Morning brother.. Wake up bro..!!

This was my younger brother in morning,  And I was dazed and confused .
What has happened to him,? Why he's so good to me today.?
Didn't kicked me.. No punches..
The hell is wrong today.. Am I in some inception.. dreaming..

No!! I am very much conscious..But why is he holding my guitar..?
I still have no idea, what's goin' on..
Then he came to me very nicely, handed me my guitar..
And asked me very entreatingly to play AC/DC's Highway To Hell. And am lying on my bed like what is this goin' on with him..
He want me to play this.. Why.? What has happened to him.?

He came more close.. asking..wait maybe, Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple....please..

I just took my guitar played him the (rocking) Riff of Smoke On The Water..
He was literally head banging with joy..
And I was likeYEAH dude..

He urged me to teach him.. And I did teach him to play the riff..
He was working on it the entire day..
Also taught him the riff of Iron Man by Black Sabbath..!!

Well It feels real proud when I see my younger brother building interest to this genre of music..

And loving it like Heaven..
Am a proud brother..
'though we do still fight, kick each other's butt,  put each other in embarrassing situations..
But music has made us close.


Sunday, 21 September 2014

Kurt Cobain's Music Theory

Nirvana's Nevermind topped the US charts on it's way to selling over 10 million copies.
As we see, Kurt Cobain was at best ambivalent about the album or what it represented.
Nevermind proved to have a seismic effect on nineties music.

Cobain's 'anti-macho' mindset would inform his instinctive approach to the guitar: he was a player with an exceptional ear for both emotive melody and for riffs that set mospits alight.
He told Fender's Frontline magazine in 1994: "The battle is the pleasure. I'm the first to admit that I'm no virtuoso. I can't play like Sevogia. The flip side of that is that is that Sevogia could probably never had played like me."

Indeed Kurt's schooling in the art of all things guitar was rudimentary at best: "I took lessons for a week, I learned how to play Back In Black by AC/DC, and it's pretty the Louie Louie Chord, so that's all I neede to know. I just started writing songs on my own. Once you know the power chord, you don't need to know anything else."

Story behind Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. Kurt Cobain's Lovestory

Smells Like Teen Spirit:

Tobi Vail (Bikini Kill's drummer) was Cobain's something like girlfriend,but not exactly girlfriend, more like one sided Love by Kurt's side only.Kurt was in Love with her.
Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill's vocalist) was Dave Grohl's girlfriend.

Once Kurt, Tobi, Dave an Kathleen were to a party and Kathleen wrote "Kurt smells like teen spirit" on the wall, actually Teen Spirit was Tobi's deodorant and Kurt have observed the smell.
Almost every song of Nevermind was written for Tobi. But she broke his heart.
Songs like "Lithium" (Cobain cahnged he lyrics after the splituup bcause he wanted it to be about the relationship),
"Drain You", "Lounge Act",
"Stay Away" which says Stay Away... God is Gay..., etc.

Courtney Love said that he was "too F***king in love with her, that seemed stupid",
and that she came in to show him his worth,
but when Kurt reached famous life, Vail came back to him, but Love said to her:
"Get out of here, b*tch".

Thursday, 18 September 2014

I guess I'm in Love

And all my friends told me, “you don’t need laws to tell

That if it feels like fallin’, boy, you probably already fell

When you love someone, you love the whole person. You end up liking their faults, their smile, their dreams, their favorite songs, their favorite movies, their favorite books. Everything that has a bit of that person.
By then, without realizing or even noticing, you end up being a bit this person. Leaving you there, and just being her. She. She. She. 

And where are you? Therein. From the moment that you give your heart to someone, you're giving up entirely!
You played in a pit that is made from your beloved, and you know it has no bottom, so that when we love, love yourself, and love lasts as heart beat and sometimes even after it too.
And you will live with a little or much that person. And that person will live with you a little or a lot, if this is mutual. 

What's more beautiful and pure thing of love 'you to be someone else' and 'the other person be you'?

Today, It's Love everywhere..
this is my favorite song whenever I feel butterflies in my stomach..

                             by COUNTING CROWS
You’re the kind of thing those sweetheart boys just talk about
Such a pretty flame, still burning when the barlights all go out
Well everybody knows your name ’round here, but that’s alright
And everybody learned your game ’round here, but that’s alright
You told me if I stayed ’round here, you’d find a good enough place to hide
But I see you
I see you
So come on out tonight

My favorite part,
The ultimate instrumental at the End...
You Reach Paradise..!

I guess I’m in love
I guess I’m in love

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Power Of Heavy Metal Music

Aahh Shit, this is the worst exam i ever took..
I should have studied..!!

well that was what I felt yesterday after my exam..
came back home.. Listened to some Indie Metal music..
slept the whole day..whole night..!

While yawning Next morning, a thought of remembrance passes my mind
Fuck, I totally forgot I have another exam this very morning.

And I broke my own previous record of taking worst exam..
fuck me..
When all is lost to you inside
When all the darkness takes the light
The ritual it has begun
And now you tear away from everyone
Disconnected so alone yeah
Severed ties from all you know

Isolation Brings you to the end
Until you love again
Isolation If you could only see
What will come to be

This Alternative Heavy Metal
express every single feeling of mine..
This Shit is really great..
bring back my smile..

Kill her when she moves
Bloodshed red
Fuck her when she's dead 
Dressed in silver and diamonds and pearls
But cry,
Cry alone when you cry 
Dying whores and animals
No one but self to trust
Shrouded with flowers dry
Help me, the whore she cries

FUCK the world..
Rules..!! \m/ \m/

Let us scream from the heart, 
it's not a battle to be metal 
Our sense of freedom is no art 
to hit a raging double pedal 
Try hearing the message that we say, 
not just a riff that's hard to play! 
'Coz while you count our faults as sins, 
the song dies before it begins...